Thank you Dr. William King |

Thank you Dr. William King

Carson City suffered another great loss last week with the news that Dr. William King had died from cancer.

Unfortunately, he’s only one of several people we’ve lost this year who helped make Carson City what it is. Among them was his friend Dr. Henry Stewart, who died on July 1.

Many people owe their lives to those doctors, but those who knew them said their legacy was also in the kindness they showed to others and in what they gave back to Carson City.

King had practiced in Carson City since 1957, when doctors still made house calls, and in later life donated his services at the Ross Clinic. He left his mark elsewhere and was a member of the school board and the Parent Teachers Association.

He was equally active in his church and was leading an effort to raise funds to build a new structure. Like Dr. Stewart, he was widely recognized, including as the Nevada State Medical Association’s Distinguished Physician of the Year.

We salute his service, and hope many people, doctors and otherwise, emulate the example he has set in giving so much back to the community.

Dr. King’s memorial service will be at 2 p.m. Saturday at the First Presbyterian Church.