Thanks to all who sought elected offices |

Thanks to all who sought elected offices

The political ads have disappeared from our newspapers and TV screens. The signs are slowly dissipating from front yards and open fields. With these obvious signs of the 2004 election fading into the distance, we are reminded to say thank you to those who chose to seek elected office.

We believe most candidates chose to seek office in an effort to make a difference, to serve their communities and their country. They should be lauded for their efforts, whether they won or lost.

The candidates assembled a crew of family and friends of those who believed they could make the difference they sought, or who support them, no matter what. They attended functions, talked with reporters, shook hands, kissed babies, walked the streets, and opened their lives to us all.

Throughout the campaign process, candidates opened themselves up to public scrutiny. Some had the skeletons in their closets dragged out for all to see.

For those whose skeletons didn’t emerge, there was always the threat of something being discovered, some inane or trivial part of one’s life that could come back to haunt him or her in the public arena in which they all chose to march.

Many did so with the knowledge that they would make less money as a civil servant than in the private sector, and most were willing to make that sacrifice in order to make a difference.

They deserve our thanks, no matter how irritated we became with the mailers, the phone calls, the commercials and the advertisements.

Without those who believe and are willing to make the sacrifice, there would be little point to democracy.