The Popcorn Stand: 2-year-old’s adorable lesson in patriotism |

The Popcorn Stand: 2-year-old’s adorable lesson in patriotism

I have to admit it’s been hard to stay upbeat recently with all that’s going on. Especially when I just pay attention to bits and pieces about what’s going on. I thought I heard something or other about Trump not being “Swift” enough concerning a trial in North Korea, but I don’t know.

But finding this clip absolutely raised my spirit and melted my heart. I’ve written before patriotism isn’t a sometime thing, it’s an all the time thing — well a 2-year-old girl mangling The Star Spangled Banner is about as patriotic as it can get.

And you can tell 2-year-old Maddy Dellaca absolutely loves to sing The Star Spangled Banner in her passionate performance. And I thought Ozzy Osbourne’s mangled performance of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” would always be my favorite mangled performance, but Maddy blows Ozzy away.

Here’s a transcripted excerpt of Maddy’s performance:

“Oh, a-say can youuuuu cheeeeee

By a dah er we yight

What so powwww uh weeee we hayal

At dee tye yight’s uhhhh eeee”

And Maddy’s not all that worried about her performance and apparently knows when she screws up, stopping in the middle to say “whoopsie daisy.”

I also thought I caught something in there about “pie” when Maddy was singing and how patriotic is pie?

And Maddy is definitely a cutie-pie.

— Charles Whisnand