The Popcorn Stand: A brief tangle with the law |

The Popcorn Stand: A brief tangle with the law

In the latest series of how I’m so amazed of what the human brain comes up with, a man in his underwear decided to climb up on top of a freeway sign in Los Angeles.

Alexander Dunn did this to apparently get footage for a rap video he was making. So only in boxer briefs and tennis shoes he went up onto the sign to pose and dance.

As if traffic isn’t bad enough in Los Angeles (tip: whenever traveling to LA just count on bumper-to-bumper traffic from Magic Mountain to the Orange County line) Dunn’s stupid stunt backed up traffic on the 110 for miles. Of course Dunn decided Wednesday morning rush hour was the proper time to climb a freeway sign in Los Angeles.

Who thinks to do something like this? Who wakes up and says: “You know what would be a good idea to climb up on a freeway sign in Los Angeles in the middle of rush hour in nothing but boxers and tennis shoes to make a rap video?” Well, apparently Dunn did.

And after Dunn did a backflip off the sign (yes a backflip) on to an inflatable rescue device, it was a Dunn deal.

My message to Dunn is you ain’t no U2. U2 provided one of the most memorable moments in video history when it recorded a video of the group singing “Where the Streets Have No Name” on top of a building in downtown Los Angeles.

Needless to say the drivers in downtown LA on a Wednesday morning were far less receptive to Dunn’s stunt than the crowd was that day to U2’s memorable performance.

I also still get chills every time I watch U2’s halftime performance of “Where the Streets Have No Name” during the first Super Bowl after 911. It’s the only Super Bowl halftime show since the marching bands I think is worth watching.

Now if Dunn ever ends up performing during the Super Bowl halftime show, I’ll know the apocalypse is upon us.

— Charles Whisnand