The Popcorn Stand: A politician who’s just a clown (literally) |

The Popcorn Stand: A politician who’s just a clown (literally)

In our latest Send in the Clowns installment we ask forgiveness from those who like clowns, but it just seems clowns are getting creepier and creepier. And it seems more and more people are finding clowns to be creepy.

A clown, literally, apparently scared some college students when he was campaigning for Boston City Council on Tuesday. Pat Payaso, an at-large Boston City Council candidate, was campaigning at Roxbury Community College when numerous people on the campus called police to report a “creepy clown.”

Once the police realized who Payaso was, they were pretty much able to ascertain he was harmless. But if you’re running a political campaign that gets the police called on you, it may be time to reconsider that campaign.

Now Payaso does mean clown in Spanish, so I guess this guy’s campaign does make sense to a certain extent. Except for the fact this guy legally changed his name from Kevin McCrea to Pat Payaso. He has summed up his campaign theme by saying he’s “tired of the political clowns owned by the 1 percent treating us working citizens like rubber chickens.”

Like I said I don’t have any feelings toward clowns one way or the other, but there’s no way I would vote for anyone who dressed like a clown. Now if he dressed up like a chicken, maybe.

My guess is this guy is just making a political statement more than actually trying to get elected. And like I said if the guy wants to dress up like a clown, what do I care?

But Payaso has gone to far when he did this: He drives around in a Dodge Viper featuring a custom clown paint job. Now that should be illegal. No high performance car should ever be dressed up like a clown.

That kind of clowning around shouldn’t be tolerated.

— Charles Whisnand