The Popcorn Stand: Another diddy on Diddy |

The Popcorn Stand: Another diddy on Diddy

I don’t know much about Diddy, P. Diddy or is it Puffy or Puff Daddy. I guess it’s Diddy. His real name is Sean Combs. I know he’s some kind of singer dude and I couldn’t name one of his songs.

Apparently over the weekend Diddy or whatever you want to call him decided to change his name again. To Brother Love. Or Love. Or something or other. The comedian who would say “You can call me Ray” (look it up Millennials) would have a field day with this guy.

Now Diddy says he hasn’t really changed his name. Or maybe he just sort of changed it. You can still call him Love if you want. All I know is while I don’t know much about this guy, he seems pretty self-absorbed as if we really care. On the other hand, I am writing about this.

Diddy or is it Love, I don’t know, tweeted out he had “some very serious, serious news.” Let’s get something straight Diddy or whomever you are. Just because you decided to change your name for the umpteenth time that’s not “some very serious, serious news.”

Diddy evidently changed his name to Father Love, but also stated if you wanted to call him Love that’s OK. “Oh you can call him Father Love, or you can call him Love — but you doesn’t have to call him Diddy.” (Again Millennials look it up, us Generation Xers actually thought that was funny).

But professional wrestling fans weren’t too enamored with Diddy calling himself Father Love since there used to be a character in the WWF who called himself Father Love. And the guy who portrayed Father Love wasn’t actually too thrilled either. Ironically the WWF had to changed its initials to the WWE because it conflicted with the World Wildlife Fund.

So Diddy now says he was just kidding, although he says you can still call him Love if you want. Well Diddy, you don’t know how to kid. You don’t joke around about something by tweeting out you have “some very serious, serious news” when it’s actually not “some very serious, serious news.”

As far as I’m concerned, Diddy done wrong.

— Charles Whisnand