The Popcorn Stand: Another goat story and thankfully they weren’t scapegoats |

The Popcorn Stand: Another goat story and thankfully they weren’t scapegoats

In the latest installment of “these kids today, whadaya gonna do?” the Popcorn Stand continues to look at the growing epidemic of goats on the lam.

Last week the Popcorn Stand covered how a bunch of goats apparently escaped their landscaping duties and went on strike in a Boise, Idaho, suburb, causing havoc for those waking up to the loud goats in their neighborhood. (I don’t have much experience with goats, but I’ve been told they can be quite loud).

But at least those people in Boise didn’t have to put up with goats affecting their commute. So now we have the GOAT goat-commuter story of all time.

Subway officials found a couple of goats wandering the tracks in Brooklyn. I haven’t seen Tracy Morgan’s TBS show “The Last O.G.” which is centered in Brooklyn.

But when I heard about this goat commuter story in Brooklyn the first thing I thought of was that commercial of Morgan asking “what the blank has happened to Brooklyn.”

I’m sure there were a few commuters asking that same question when they saw those commuting goats.

The goats walked on the N line for about two hours before New York City police eventually removed them.

“The goats have been removed from the tracks by NYPD, and service is resuming. We thank ewe for your patience,” MTA officials tweeted. Well played.

The MTA tweeted earlier the goats weren’t impacting train service, but were “on the run.” I don’t think this is what REO Speedwagon had in mind with their song “You Take It on the Run, Baby.”

Now this next part of the story is right up my alley. The N train was already plagued by delays, but not due to the goats, so thankfully they weren’t scapegoats.

And I must also say these stories continue to get my goat.

— Charles Whisnand