The Popcorn Stand: Bet on Pac-Man fever |

The Popcorn Stand: Bet on Pac-Man fever

I wasn’t much of a video game person in my formative years. I grew up in the ’70s and ’80s which was a transition time between pinball machines and video games. I guess I was stuck in the past as I generally preferred pinball over video games.

Not that I didn’t have my favorite video games. Track and Field was my ultimate favorite until they put those little ridges around the buttons so you couldn’t bang on the buttons as hard as you can, so that was the end of Track and Field.

I sort of got involved in Asteroids. I did really enjoy playing Atari’s Space Invaders. And I did enjoy Pong. I really enjoyed Pong.

The one video game I couldn’t get into was Pac-Man. But Pac-Man was huge in the early 1980s and really has never gone away. Now the casinos are going to capitalize on Pac-Man as PAC-MAN Battle Casino is going to come to the floors of casinos in early 2018.

PAC-MAN Battle Royale is teaming up with Gamblit Gaming to bring the video game to casinos. Two to four players will be able to play each other for a cash prize in the video game. I’m already predicting this is going to be the most popular game to play at casinos in 2018.

So in an effort to keep up and continue to be relevant, casinos are going retro in an effort to convince people my age to let go of their money.

I’m here to say it’s a pretty safe bet.

— Charles Whisnand