The Popcorn Stand: Bet you dollar to donuts it was a popular day |

The Popcorn Stand: Bet you dollar to donuts it was a popular day

I’m totally ashamed to admit this. I can’t believe I forgot about such an important holiday. But when I came into the office Friday afternoon, I was embarrassed to find out Friday was National Donut Day.

The first Friday in June is National Donut Day and I felt saddened I spent all Friday morning not knowing this. I didn’t even have a donut Friday morning. That’s a situation I quickly rectified when I came into the office Friday afternoon.

I don’t think there’s a donut I don’t like. I even like the plain donuts because I actually feel like I’m being good when I’m eating a plain donut. Plain donuts can’t be that fattening can they?

Of course I can’t resist the more decadent donuts. Any kind of chocolate donut, I can’t resist. Hey after all, little chocolate donuts are the breakfast of champions, aren’t they? At least that’s what I was led to believe when I was a kid after I watched the hilarious Saturday Night Live skit in which John Belushi won the Olympic decathlon and talked about how he trained with little chocolate donuts

But my favorite donut is the jelly donut. It’s so cool to eat a jelly donut because you’re never sure you’ve actually got a jelly donut. You start eating the jelly donut and then YES! there’s actually jelly inside.

Anyway, I bet you dollars to donuts a lot of people were celebrating National Donut Day on Friday.

— Charles Whisnand