The Popcorn Stand: Christopher Lloyd must be jealous |

The Popcorn Stand: Christopher Lloyd must be jealous

Allison Closs is awesome.

The Pennsylvania high school student took Danny DeVito to her prom. Well, sort of. She actually took a cardboard cutout of DeVito to the prom.

Closs considered other celebrities, including Bill Nye the Science Guy. But I think Closs made the right choice. I mean, yeah, Nye can be kind of quirky and fun, but this is the prom, not some educational fair. Although Nye I think would be pretty good to take to a science fair.

In the end DeVito won out. “I think Danny DeVito is hilarious,” Closs said. Actually convenience may have won out as well.

Closs found “a shockingly wide variety” of premade Danny DeVito cutouts on Amazon. So apparently there are a number of teenage girls looking to take DeVito to the prom.

Now you know what I’m going to say. If Closs had chosen to take a cutout of Nicolas Cage that would’ve been absolutely awesome.

And not the present day, older Cage. The Cage from his brilliant performance in “Valley Girl” from 1983. I mean that would’ve been fitting right?

I think DeVito is cool, but I also would’ve preferred Christopher Lloyd. From Back to the Future. He was Bill Nye the Science Guy (at least fictionally) before Bill Nye the Science Guy.

No word if DeVito and Closs took a taxi home from the prom.

— Charles Whisnand