The Popcorn Stand: Coming to a theater near you |

The Popcorn Stand: Coming to a theater near you

With the HallowThanksMas season upon us it’s never too early to look at some of the biggest movies coming out this Christmas season.

There’s “I, Tonya,” which actually intrigues me. For you millennials, “I, Tonya” is about the biggest reality story of the 1990s other than O.J. Simpson that was actually a reality story and us Baby Boomers, Busters or whatever and Generation Xers were fascinated by Tonya Harding’s apparent attempt to derail her figure skating nemesis, Nancy Kerrigan, from competing in the 1994 Winter Olympics by literally having Kerrigan whacked in the knee. We’ll likely never know if Harding was actually involved in the planning of whacking Kerrigan’s knee.

What did it get Harding? Certainly not a gold medal. The only other thing Harding is known for other than possibly having Kerrigan’s knee whacked is crying at the Olympics because she didn’t know how to tie her ice skating shoe.

For you Star Wars fans, “Star Wars, The Last Jedi” is coming out although as a cultural moron who has never seen a Star Wars movie and knows little about Star Wars, all I can say is “Star Wars, The Last Jedi” is coming out.

One of the more stupid sounding movies is “Downsizing,” which has nothing to do with layoffs, but the literal downsizing of people. The movie is apparently about the shrinking of people to deal with overpopulation. Apparently “Honey I shrunk people to deal with overpopulation” was ruled out as a title for the movie.

The movie I’m most interested in is “The Post,” which brings out the heavy hitters in Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep. The movie centers on the Washington Post’s effort to essentially continue the printing of “The Pentagon Papers,” classified government documents that basically showed our government was lying to us about the Vietnam War. So what’s new?

I do look for this movie to make not so subtle references to what’s going on today in depicting what happened in 1971.

So once again when it comes to Christmas season movies, the Popcorn Stand advises you get your popcorn ready.

– Charles Whisnand