The Popcorn Stand: Dog days |

The Popcorn Stand: Dog days

Today is Dogs in Politics Day or Checkers Day which recognizes one of the most politically savvy speeches in history.

It was on Sept. 23, 1952 when vice presidential candidate Richard Nixon gave his now famous “Checkers” speech, denying charges he had used campaign contributions for personal gain. As part of his defense during the speech he stated his daughters had received a dog which they named “Checkers” as a gift. He also said they would keep the dog.

On the other hand an Arkansas woman apparently didn’t learn from Nixon’s example as she recently got into hot water for using public funds for personal gain. Kristi Lyn Goss worked as an administrative assistant to a Garland County judge in Arkansas, but used a Garland County credit card to buy her dog, a pug, a tuxedo.

Actually Goss was guilty of more serious offenses as she ran up $200,000 on the credit card for personal use. She wasn’t “pugnacious” about it, though, after she was caught, pleading guilty to six felony counts. She was also fired by the judge.

Nobody has to worry about me inappropriately using money to dress my dogs Pete the Shih Tzu or Tuf-Tuf (you know Sir Tuffington something or other) the Jack Russell as I have no desire to dress up my little guys.

Our editor, though, has an adorable English Bulldog named “Reggie” and we’re trying to convince him to dress Reggie in a Yankees pinstripe shirt with the No. 44 in honor of Reggie Jackson when HalloThanksMas officially kicks off.

No word if Checkers was ever dressed like a checkers board.

— Charles Whisnand