The Popcorn Stand: ‘Doughnut’ underestimate this record |

The Popcorn Stand: ‘Doughnut’ underestimate this record

Now this is a world record I could sink my teeth into. Again. And again.
The Jewish Life Center in Johannesburg, South Africa, broke the Guinness World Record for the tallest doughnut tower ever with a tower almost 5 feet, or 60 inches, tall.
Those of you who read this Popcorn Stand know my obsession with unusual records and the human mind that comes up with these records. But whomever came up with the idea for this record is obviously a genius.
The record stack of doughnuts was 59.84 inches and 3,100 doughnuts were used. And this was no trivial task. Those who executed the record actually used several different softball products to predict the “structural integrity” of the tower.
They also consulted a structural engineer and architect to make sure the structure wouldn’t fall and would be able to support its own weight. If only the Brady Bunch kids were so thorough when they constructed that tower of cards.
The pyramid-shaped tower was eventually distributed to the Jewish Life Center’s Hanukkah event with leftovers donated to charities The Jewish Helping Hand and Yad Aharon.
The only thing that would have made this better is if the record was set on National Doughnut Day, which is the first Friday of June.
But, still, congratulations to the Jewish Life Center. It provided one small doughnut for man, one giant doughnut tower for mankind.
— Charles Whisnand