The Popcorn Stand: Drinking the haterade |

The Popcorn Stand: Drinking the haterade

The old fuddy, duddy can’t keep up with the English language as was demonstrated on Friday when Oxford Dictionaries added 300 new words.

Although it looks like Oxford is behind the times as one of the terms it added was “Kodak moment.” I think that term should have been added like 40 years ago. Isn’t there a new term like Instagram moment or selfie moment. Maybe I’m more hip than I thought. I could see some Millennial marvel at something memorable that just happened and referring to it as a “selfie moment.”

But some of the other words I’ve never heard of or used. “Craptacular,” “drink the haterade,” and “fitspo,” are just a few examples. At first I thought fitspo was some name of a clown, but it turns out it’s short for fitspiration which is a term I’ve never heard before. I hate to admit to that because I’m admitting to not exercising enough (or at all). Fitspiration is basically a message to encourage people to reach their fitness goals. A fitbies is also a short term for Fitspiration but apparently Oxford is also behind the times because fitbies didn’t make it as a word.

“Craptacular” basically means really disappointing or poor. So just say something is really disappointing or poor. Actually just say something is disappointing or poor. You don’t have to use the word really.

“Drink the haterade” is also a new one to me. So apparently I’m about 15 years behind the times as I do know the phrases “don’t be a hater” or “don’t be hatin’” which I first heard in the movie “Malibu’s Most Wanted,” a movie I really like by the way. Actually I just like it, I forgot I don’t have to say really.

I guess when it comes to new words, I shouldn’t be hatin’ so much. I mean I shouldn’t be drinking the haterade.

— Charles Whisnand