The Popcorn Stand: ESPN again |

The Popcorn Stand: ESPN again

I’ve seen the light. I can now tell you I’m a huge ESPN fan. I figure if you can’t beat them, join them.

But ESPN has grown on me and I’ve now accepted how it covers sports — and how it has affected everyone else on how they cover sports. I mean I’ve grown accustomed to the sideline and court reporters, the split screens showing those reporters and the games at the same time. I find many of those sideline/court interviews that happen right in the middle of the game to be quite enlightening.

And the announcers. I now like how they don’t always talk about the game they’re covering, but provide information on other subjects that have nothing whatsover to do with the game. Again, it’s so enlightening.

And I love all those obscure stats ESPN comes up with like LeBron James is the all-time leading scorer in game threes of playoff series when the series is tied 1-1 (while I may not have that stat exactly right, I know it’s an actual stat ESPN came up with once). I mean those stats are really interesting.

So while some may not think so, I still believe ESPN is a trailblazer and I will now always defend ESPN in its coverage of sports.

I also really like all of the various creative shows ESPN has during the day and the lively debate they provide on the most pertinent issues when it comes to sports.

And while I miss Chris Berman, I must now say my favorite sports personality is Scott Van Pelt. And I totally agree with Van Pelt that all those ESPN detractors live in a “make believe world.”

If you believe all this, I have some swamp land I’d like to sell you. I detest ESPN as much as ever.

Happy April Fool’s Day everybody. (Since the Popcorn Stand isn’t featured in Sunday’s Appeal, I’m featuring my April Fool’s Popcorn Stand a day early).