The Popcorn Stand: Even Forest Gump didn’t have to deal with this |

The Popcorn Stand: Even Forest Gump didn’t have to deal with this

Forest Gump’s mother knew how to handle a raccoon problem.

“When raccoons tried to get on our back porch mama just chased them off with a broom,” Forest said in the movie.

Well even a broom I don’t think would’ve helped this homeowner in Michigan. A family of raccoons somehow got into the home’s attic and fell through the ceiling into the living room.

While Gump’s mother could chase raccoons off with a broom the homeowner wisely called authorities to deal with the trespassers.

While raccoons can seem cuddly, they can actually be pretty dangerous and aggressive animals.

Which was demonstrated when the authorities were able to pick up the four baby raccoons, but the mother escaped and not until after it bit one of the responders. But again the responders were wise to wear gloves and the responder was bitten in the glove.

Eventually a dog catcher pole was used to catch the mother. No people or raccoons were hurt and the raccoons were taken back into the wild.

Watching the video of the incident, the four baby raccoons were adorable. But the momma was definitely a force to reckon with and it was a pretty harrowing experience for the authorities before they were finally able to apprehend it.

It’s a good thing the raccoon wasn’t a dog because then her nickname would’ve been Ma Barker.

Anyway, Forest Gump was right. Raccoons should stick to trying to get onto people’s porches and not into their attics.

— Charles Whisnand