The Popcorn Stand: Everybody get together to smile right now |

The Popcorn Stand: Everybody get together to smile right now

As those of you who choose to read this Popcorn Stand know, one of my favorite shows is “The Middle.” In one episode, Sue must do a scientific experiment in her high school class and decides to set out to prove her theory “smiling is contagious.” The episode is made funnier by the fact Sue has to explain her choice for this hypothesis right after a student explains she may have found the cure for cancer.

Well today is our chance to see if Sue’s hypothesis is indeed true. Today is Smile Power Day. And if there’s any time we need a Smile Power Day, it’s today.

On Smile Power Day we’re simply instructed to give a smile to each other. And I do believe smiling is contagious. Yes, I admit, it might be kind of goofy to just walk up to a total stranger and start smiling. Even with someone we know because the usual response is “What are you smiling about?”

But if we do walk up to somebody we know and our smile is sincere, a lot of times, that person smiles right back when asking “What are you smiling about?” as if to say I’m happy for you and I want some of what you have.

I also believe when people see us smiling, it does become contagious. I mean come on, would you rather be around a bunch of smiling people, or a bunch of grumpy people?

(Sincere) smiles tend to lead to laughter. Laughter tends to lead to love.

It’s time we all got together and smiled on each other right now. We really need it.

— Charles Whisnand