The Popcorn Stand: Get me out of this Barbie world |

The Popcorn Stand: Get me out of this Barbie world

I thought last week was the end of civilization as we know it when I read about how a romphim (you know, rompers for men) with picture of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was selling for the “discount” price of $80. But now I find out Ken is going to have a man bun. What’s this world coming to?

You know Ken, Barbie’s boyfriend. Mattel has announced Ken the doll is going through a makeover, actually 15 makeovers as Ken is going to have 15 new looks. Among Ken’s modern hairstyles will be cornrows and man buns. Anyone who chooses to read this Popcorn Stand knows how much I detest the man bun.

Ken will also come in three shapes, slim, broad and original. So it’s a little late, but at 56, Ken is apparently going through a midlife crisis. Although I must say the price tag for the new Ken dolls, with the rollout beginning on Tuesday, of $10 seems pretty reasonable. Certainly a lot more reasonable than the price for the Un romphims.

New looks are also being introduced for Barbie, including one with a nearly shaved head and another with an Afro. So it really is a whole new Barbie world, which reminded me of the Family Guy episode in which Bill Clinton in dancing and singing to “Barbie Girl,” which I have to admit I thought was absolutely hilarious

But for this old, fuddy duddy, the new Barbie world is getting harder and harder to get used to.

— Charles Whisnand