The Popcorn Stand: Give one of these gifts to mom if you dare |

The Popcorn Stand: Give one of these gifts to mom if you dare

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday and for those of you who still haven’t found a gift, Huffington Post has some ideas for weird gifts you can give to your mother. I don’t know how some of these gifts would be received by mothers everywhere, but here we go.

You can give your mom bread slippers which are shaped like loaves of bread. I have no idea what the point of this gift is unless if it’s to make your mom hungry when she looks at her feet.

There’s actually a pretty cute gift you can give your mother of a chihuahua mug shot with the chihuahua holding a rose in its mouth and a sign that says guilty of love.

For moms who are into Star Wars there’s the R2-D2 French Press Coffee Maker.

Another creative gift is the wine glass with three pour levels that show what kind of day the mom has had. Of course the bottom level is a good day while the filled up glass says don’t ask at the top.

Another gift that makes no sense to me is a cutting board that looks like a huge blood stain which begs the question if mom cuts herself using the cutting board how could she tell?

Another gift that makes no sense is a giraffe toilet paper holder. As if mom wants to struggle trying to get the toilet paper from this thing when she’s in the bathroom.

A gift that makes more sense to me is the shower beer holder or if you don’t drink alcohol a drink holder. What’s more relaxing than a hot shower and a cold drink at the end of a tough day?

Now if they have a shower holder that can hold that glass of wine that shows what kind of day mom has had, they’ll be onto something.

To all the moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day.

— Charles Whisnand