The Popcorn Stand: Having a spell |

The Popcorn Stand: Having a spell

The Scripps National Spelling Bee was recently held and in honor of the event Google released its list of the words that are misspelled the most.

Among the most misspelled words in America are beautiful and pneumonia. Google also broke down the words misspelled the most state by state. Beautiful is the most misspelled word in California, which is a little surprising since a lot of beautiful people live there, you would think they would learn how to spell the word.

And speaking of since the most misspelled word in Oregon is sense, so my guess is Oregonians don’t have enough common sense to distinguish between since and sense. But the people of Wisconsin have to be the most embarrassed because the most misspelled word in Wisconsin is Wisconsin.

You would think people in Connecticut would be the ones who have the most trouble spelling the name of their state. I normally don’t even try to spell that word as I always use UConn in a headline for any sports story related to that school. The people of Connecticut must be the nation’s best spellers because Google had to come up with supercalifragilisticexpialidocious as the word that troubles people from that state the most.

Fortunately in Nevada we apparently know how to spell Nevada. How to pronounce Nevada is a subject for another Popcorn Stand. The word that trips up us Nevadans the most is available.

Short words do trip us up a lot. The most misspelled word in Rhode Island is liar while the most misspelled word in Georgia is gray, although I’m assuming most Georgians spell the word grey and I really don’t know if that’s a misspelling or not.

Back to pneumonia, that word gives the people of the state of Washington the most problem.

Of course I’m sure many readers of this Popcorn Stand would say quite a few words trouble us at the Nevada Appeal when it comes to spelling.

I would say, though, we all go through a spell where sometimes we can’t spell.

— Charles Whisnand