The Popcorn Stand: Here’s to “Shrilly the Kidd” |

The Popcorn Stand: Here’s to “Shrilly the Kidd”

Again, it amazes me what the human mind will think of. Like this guy, who woke up one day and said, “I’ll dress up like Santa and play “Ode to Joy” on flaming bagpipes while riding a unicycle.”

I mean, I wouldn’t have thought of that in a million years. Dress up like Santa. Sure. Ride a unicycle while dressed up like Santa. While I would have never thought of doing that, I could see a unicyclists during Christmas time coming up with that idea.

But who in the world comes up with the idea of playing flaming bagpipes?

I don’t know anything about playing bagpipes. I know more about Sousaphones (remember, it’s not a tuba). When I watch somebody playing the bagpipes, it looks like they’re blowing into the thing, but the sound coming out doesn’t correspond, much like when lightning’s sound of thunder comes later than the lightning or the words come out of the mouth much later than the lips moving like one of those old Kung Fu movies.

I have to admit, though, even though I would have never thought of this, it’s really cool. Brian Kidd, known as The Unipiper from Portland, Ore., pulls off the feat — playing the bagpipes with one hand while also balancing a couple of presents in his other hand. While he’s blowing into the bagpipes, flames shoot out of them.

You can check out Kidd’s unique ability here:

So here’s to “Shrilly the Kidd.”

— Charles Whisnand