The Popcorn Stand: I don’t want to watch Nicholas Cage playing quarterback |

The Popcorn Stand: I don’t want to watch Nicholas Cage playing quarterback

It could be weird watching the Houston Texans play football this year. Not that I’m a big Texans’ fan or plan to watch them that much. But here’s hoping DeShaun Watson beats out Tom Savage as the Texans’ starting quarterback.

The only reason why is I don’t particularly want to see a Nicholas Cage-lookalike playing quarterback. If you choose to read this Popcorn Stand you know for no particular reason I find a way to write about Nicholas Cage every once in a while.

My latest excuse to write about Cage came from the Texans’ J.J. Watt, who posted 10 photos of his teammates and their lookalikes. You can look at all the lookalikes here

But the one who stands out the most is Savage who has an uncanny resemblance to Cage. So if Cage ever stars as a quarterback in a movie, Savage has a career after his playing days as he could stand in as Cage’s stunt double.

Actually from everything I hear, Savage seems to be a pretty good guy. But if he’s playing quarterback for the Texans and I’m watching for some reason I’m going to expect him to burst into flames or do something quirky.

Of course if Savage says has the season of his life, leads the Houston Texans to a Super Bowl win and Hollywood decides to make “The Tom Savage Story,” you know who could play the lead role.

It would truly be art imitating life. And based on his reputation, I know Cage would really be “Savage” in the role.

— Charles Whisnand