The Popcorn Stand: International Coffee Day, acknowledged |

The Popcorn Stand: International Coffee Day, acknowledged

Those of you who choose to read this Popcorn Stand know I don’t drink coffee, so I didn’t write about International Coffee Day which was Friday. But for all of you who do drink coffee, I would like to acknowledge Friday was International Coffee Day.

And as my father says to him, “Every day is International Coffee Day.” As I’ve written before I rarely get the hang of the acquired taste thing and I’ve never liked the taste of coffee. And I’ll never understand why somebody spends $7 for a frappe, wrappe, monticino, whatacino or whatever they’re called. I’ll just have a hot chocolate and call it good.

Thanks to National Coffee Day, I learned another acronym, BOGO — buy one get one free. Wait a minute, shouldn’t it be BOGOF? But then again, I want all acronyms to be limited to four letters, so i guess BOGO is OK. Exceptions are POTUS and SCOTUS.

But I digress. Evidently on National Coffee Day there were places who were offering buy one, get one free deals on coffee. My guess is they weren’t doing it with the $7 frappe, wrappe, monticino, whatacinos.

Americans spend more than $12 billion a year on coffee, not counting stuff like creamers they put in them. Again, I don’t get the idea of creamers to make coffee taste better. I’ll just have a hot chocolate. My dad, though, sticks with the half and half.

And coffee, in moderation of course, has its health benefits. Studies suggest coffee drinkers are smarter and that seems to be true although it may be somebody who holds a cup of coffee in their hand just looks smarter. Those who drink coffee tend to live longer as well.

So maybe I’ll start drinking coffee, although I still have to get used to the taste. So where can I get one of those frappe, wrappe, monticino, whatacino things?

— Charles Whisnand