The Popcorn Stand: Invest in Cheetos |

The Popcorn Stand: Invest in Cheetos

I love Cheetos. Yes, it’s annoying when I get all that orange on my fingers. But I still can’t inhale them fast enough, no matter how orange my fingers get. Until now.

Only if I was this lucky. A Cheeto in the shape of Harambe, the deceased gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo, sold for nearly $100,000. I’ve read conflicting reports on the exact price. One report had the Cheeto going for $99,999 while another report had it going for just $99,900.

If it’s true the Cheeto actually sold for $99,999, you would think the buyer could throw in an extra buck and make it an even $100,000. After all, shipping was free.

But there’s some question if this is actually a real transaction or some kind of joke. I have to lean on the joke side. I can’t imagine anyone paying $100,000 for a Cheeto even if it’s shaped like Elvis.

I have to admit, though, I don’t think there’s like an appraiser of what cheeto look-a-likes are worth. Maybe the guy on Pawn Stars has someone who appraises chip look-a-likes. He seems to have a so-called expert to find out what anything is worth no matter how obscure the thing is.

We do live in an instant treasure society in which our crap could actually be worth a lot of money. From that antique show on PBS to American Pickers, it always amazes me what people have — and what it’s worth.

So, joke or no joke, I’m going to inspect my Cheetos a little more closely before I eat them.

When it comes to Cheetos, I’m not going to be cheated.

— Charles Whisnand