The Popcorn Stand: “Ju never know,” Strathmore could be state champs |

The Popcorn Stand: “Ju never know,” Strathmore could be state champs

Today’s Popcorn Stand can be dubbed “Strathmore USA Part II.” Went down to watch my alma mater, the Strathmore Spartans dismantle San Diego’s Horizon Christian Academy 62-22 in the Southern California Regional Bowl.

Strathmore (14-0) advanced to the State Championship Game in its division and will host St. Patrick-St. Vincent of Vallejo at 6 p.m. Saturday at Spartan Stadium, with the winner taking the state title.

Against Horizon, Joseph Garcia ran for more than 400 yards and seven touchdowns behind an offensive line who when they fired off the line resembled Olympic sprinters leaving the blocks at the sound of the firing gun in the 100 meters. And Garcia looked like the sprinter running the anchor leg, except he just kept going until he reached the end zone.

The one thing I had a hard time getting used to was the new fight song. As an old fuddy, duddy, I missed our old fight song, “Beer, beer for old Strathmore High” to the tune of the Notre Dame Victory March.

From what I can tell the new fight song has just one word, “Fight!” I kept hearing “Fight, Fight!, Fight!, Fight!, Fight!”

At first I thought we could do better than have a fight song inspired by Itchy and Scratchy (

But after a while, the fight song grew on me. Of course as much as Strathmore scored, I had plenty of chances for the fight song to grow on me. And besides at Strathmore, we don’t need any fancy fight songs.

The Spartans are a power now and have been for about 25 years, but there was a time just before when not only did Strathmore have trouble winning a game, it had trouble even fielding a team.

So the great sports philosopher Joaquin Andujar summed it up best. Of everything that has been written and said about sports, Andujar summed up perfectly what sports are all about in these three words:

“Ju never know.”

— Charles Whisnand