The Popcorn Stand: Leave the bumper cars to the professionals |

The Popcorn Stand: Leave the bumper cars to the professionals

Two things I never got the hang of as a kid were bumper cars and that electronic football game.

I was always the kid in the bumper car ramming his car into the wall time an time again in some way-off corner by himself while everybody else was having fun ramming each other.

And the electronic football game, the same thing. Twenty-two pieces usually ended up all ramming up against each other in one small corner of the field when I was at the controls. Maybe it was because I was trying to play the game myself.

But a Chinese woman was confident enough to take her bumper car out on a busy road and she seemed to enjoy the excursion, as oblivious as can be, to the much larger vehicles that could have wiped her off the road.

The woman, of course, was stopped by police, but apparently just received a warning. Maybe the bumper car didn’t have registration, I don’t know.

The woman actually owns a bumper car business and she wasn’t just taking one of her bumper cars out for a spin. She told the police she was heading to work and the bumper car was more convenient than a regular car.

My guess is this woman is really good at that electronic football game, too.

— Charles Whisnand