The Popcorn Stand: Look what a Swift rumor made them do |

The Popcorn Stand: Look what a Swift rumor made them do

As those of you who choose to read this Popcorn Stand know, I’m fascinated with certain people for no particular reason, like Nicolas Cage and Taylor Swift.

Today’s item focuses on Swift, who by really doing nothing, seemed to bring Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., to a standstill on Wednesday. As if Capitol Hill doesn’t have enough problems.

Since Swift was in the area for her Reputation Tour, the rumors swirled she would make a visit to Capitol Hill. This old fuddy duddy was not exactly optimistic about our future when congressional interns and pages were filling the halls looking for Swift. It also didn’t help this old fuddy duddy’s mindset when I saw this one tweet from Mitch McConnell’s aide: “OMG, @taylorswift13 in the Rotunda?”

Alas, Swift never visited Capitol Hill. But Jane Fonda was there. All the interns and pages clamoring for a look at Swift never even noticed Fonda.

And yes, I have to do the obligatory jokes about the latest hullabaloo over the latest “fake news” Swift hysteria. I mean look what you made them do, Taylor. I guess they’ll just have to shake it off.

The latest Swift hysteria also reminds me of the song, “Have You Seen Her” — the Chi Lites version, not MC Hammer’s version. I’m sure there were plenty of interns and pages roaming the halls asking “Have You Seen Her?”

Yes, it was a “Taylor”-made rumor, although to be fair she never really made it.

— Charles Whisnand