The Popcorn Stand: Look what you made him do |

The Popcorn Stand: Look what you made him do

Taylor Swift is one of those people who shouldn’t really annoy me, but does. She could actually be an extremely nice person, but she’s one of those people that’s cool to hate, so to speak.

So when I saw this story, I have to admit I had a little feeling of schadenfreude (feeling the joy in the misery of others), which judging by Swift’s songs, which is something she, too. partakes.

In a situation in which life imitates art a man was apparently pushed to a life of crime in an attempt to impress Swift. Look what you made him do, Taylor.

Bruce Rowley was arrested last week in Ansonia, Conn., after police said he confessed to robbing a bank and then driving to Taylor’s house and throwing some of the money he stole over her fence.

Although apparently a big Taylor Swift fan, Rowley apparently didn’t listen to the lyrics of Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do.” Didn’t he hear it when Swift sang “I don’t like your perfect crime.” Then again, Rowley’s crime was anything but perfect.

This guy isn’t exactly Albert Schweitzer either. Rowley apparently said he was going to donate some of the money he stole to the police — but only in an effort to impress Swift.

And you know what my advice to Rowley is going to be when it comes to his life of crime and his crush on Swift: Shake it off.

— Charles Whisnand