The Popcorn Stand: Looking forward to the Outrageous Bar |

The Popcorn Stand: Looking forward to the Outrageous Bar

The Old Fuddy Duddy is already more than three weeks behind when it comes to the pop culture events to look forward to in 2018, according to ENews. The network listed 50 pop culture events to look forward to in 2018 and I must admit I’m not that really excited about any of them.

Several of the things to look forward to have already happened, including Oprah’s appearance at the Golden Globe Awards which led to talk over her running for president after her emotional speech. No word if she was going to give up being the spokesperson for Weight Watchers and her taco fiesta nights if she decided to run for president.

Another thing I’m supposed to look forward to is Justin Timberlake’s halftime performance during the Super Bowl. As I’ve always said about Super Bowl halftime shows, just bring back the bands.

The Winter Olympics is an obvious pop culture event to pay attention to. The Winter Olympics are one of those events I used to really look forward to that I now just have a mild interest in.

There’s also the return of American Idol and while I’ve never paid that much attention to the show (how’s Sanjaya doing?), I’m glad it’s coming back as it’s another show I have a mild interest in.

In addition there’s the return of “Roseanne,” another show that’s piqued my interest just enough to maybe watch it if I don’t have anything else better to do.

The thing I’m most looking forward to comes in May when Reese’s debuts its Outrageous bar, a candy bar full of chocolate, peanut butter and Reece’s Pieces.

Of course I have no interest in it whatsover, but I have to mention among the musicians going out on tour this year is Taylor Swift.

The worst pop culture event of 2018: Jersey Shore is returning. The best pop culture event of 2018: A remake of “Mary Poppins” is due in theaters on Christmas.

HallowThanksMas can’t come soon enough. For a complete list of the 50 things you’re not supposed to miss in 2018, visit here:

— Charles Whisnand