The Popcorn Stand: Maybe they should try Nickelback |

The Popcorn Stand: Maybe they should try Nickelback

Another thing I’m fascinated by is the use of musicians — supposedly not so popular ones — as a form of punishment or to try to change someone’s behavior.

As I’ve written before, a Canadian police department told people who were caught driving under the influence they would have to listen to Nickelback.

And as I’ve written before I have no idea why Nickelback is such a popular band to hate on. I couldn’t name one Nickelback song although I’m sure if I heard a Nickelback song I would recognize it.

And I’m sure there are plenty of people who secretly love Nickelback, otherwise they still wouldn’t be around.

Barry Manilow is another one who it’s fashionable to hate on while secretly loving him as demonstrated by a hilarious portion of a Family Guy episode I’ve also written about.

I’m being honest when I say I can take or leave Manilow. Now David Cassidy, I’ve always secretly (or I guess not so secretly now) loved Cassidy’s music.

When it comes to Manilow, Rite-Aid stores in California have been playing his music non-stop along with classical music in an attempt to get rid of loiterers. And apparently the music is loud.

And the reaction has been mixed. Some customers say they enjoy the music while others have pleaded for mercy. But this was the store’s response to customers’ complaints about loiterers who have been sleeping and hanging out around the stores.

And this isn’t a new idea. A 7-Eleven two miles south of a Rite-Aid in San Diego playing Manilow has played country and classical music to get rid of loiterers.

The results were also mixed. The store’s manager said the tactic worked, but neighbors complained.

I haven’t seen any reaction from Manilow about how he feels as apparently he’s been mum about all this.

But when Manilow sang “Looks Like We Made it” I don’t think this is what he had in mind.

— Charles Whisnand