The Popcorn Stand: ‘Mexican’ fries |

The Popcorn Stand: ‘Mexican’ fries

I’ve heard comedian Kathy Madigan talk about the genius of Taco Bell in convincing us they can use like the same five ingredients and turn them into an infinite number of food items. The latest brilliant idea from Taco Bell that would make Young Sheldon proud is it’s now offering fries.

So Taco Bell is actually expanding its repertoire to include fries with Mexican seasoning to be dipped into a cheese sauce — nacho fries, if you will. And Taco Bell is selling the nacho fries for $1, beginning Jan. 25, although on a limited basis. And my guess is nacho fries aren’t allowed at Oprah’s Weight Watchers taco fiesta parties.

But this is actually a cool idea. I mean I think it would be a lot easier and a lot less messy to dip nacho fries into a cheese dipping sauce as opposed to nacho chips. I find it hard to pace myself when I dip nacho chips, overloading with cheese sauce when I begin and not having enough cheese sauce at the finish. I don’t think I would ever have that problem with nacho fries.

So I’m hoping nacho fries stay around long enough for Taco Bell to give them away instead of tacos during its World Series promotion and have Jack Black do his character from “Nacho Libre” to advertise the promotion.

This reminds me of my good friend Freddy Quijas, who owns a burger place in my old stomping grounds, Porterville, Calif. One time a customer asked his brother Joe, God rest his soul, “are these Mexican fries?” She actually misread the menu, which said medium fries. But without missing a beat, Joe replied, “Well, there fries and they’re made by a Mexican.”

So like I said I’m hoping Taco Bell’s “Mexican fries” stay around for a while. I think that would make Joe proud.

— Charles Whisnand