The Popcorn Stand: Murphy’s law rules on the piano |

The Popcorn Stand: Murphy’s law rules on the piano

As some of you who choose to read this Popcorn Stand know, I love horses. When it comes to my love of horses as opposed to my love of dogs, I would say it’s a neck-and-neck race to which one I love more.

But Murphy may be my favorite horse. He’s a rescue horse in Australia who knows how to play the piano. Actually I use that term loosely as Murphy really doesn’t know how to play the piano but that doesn’t keep him from trying to tickle the ivories on an electric keyboard.

And actually judging by this video, Murphy is better than most of the kids I knew who took piano lessons when I was growing up.

As I’ve written before I can’t stand the theme song from “The Sting” because when the movie came out as I was growing up it seemed every piano teacher in the country would train their prodigy with that song, so I heard many aspiring piano players mangle that tune.

I know Murphy isn’t a Clydesdale, but it would be cool if he was an honorary member of the Budweiser Clydesdales because then his nickname could be Van Clydesdale. Or if he learned how to play rock n’ roll, he could be the Rocking Horse. When his mood becomes gloomier and he plays maudlin songs (like that stupid song “MacArthur Park”), he could become the Dark Horse. Or when he plays more painful songs, he could become the Charley Horse.

Murphy does have a nose for the piano. And I mean he actually has a nose for it. It appears first he’s just trying to eat the darn thing, but then eventually rubs the keyboard with his nose.

So when it comes to playing the piano, Murphy wins by a nose.

— Charles Whisnand