The Popcorn Stand: Need a Christmas tree? Don’t leave it to beaver |

The Popcorn Stand: Need a Christmas tree? Don’t leave it to beaver

I love running across unusual stories to feature in this Popcorn Stand and the latest is of a beaver being apprehended for trashing an artificial Christmas tree display at a store in Maryland.

Apparently the beaver was actually browsing through the selection of Christmas trees because what would a beaver’s dam be if it didn’t have a Christmas tree during the holiday season.

But the beaver, apparently enraged because all the trees were artificial, began trashing the display. What did the beaver expect from an indoor dollar store anyway? You would think the beaver would have been able to gnaw down his own Christmas tree.

Authorities quickly apprehended the vandal and you’ll be happy to know he’s in rehab (in the care of a wildlife rehabilitator). We don’t know what anger management counseling is like for beavers, but let’s hope this beaver overcomes his anger issues.

Also, fortunately the beaver didn’t make his way to the Christmas decoration section where all the Christmas lights were.

And we’re hoping he resolves his anger issues in time to return to the wild and finds a fitting Christmas tree that will make his holiday season bright.

But when it comes to buying Christmas trees, don’t leave it to beaver.

— Charles Whisnand