The Popcorn Stand: No to SEC, yes to UCF |

The Popcorn Stand: No to SEC, yes to UCF

With my admitted bias against the Southeastern Conference influencing my view, Central Florida should be named as the national champion in college football. I mean after all, Central Florida is the only team that finished the season undefeated and did beat Auburn, who beat Alabama and Georgia.

And when the Alabamas and the Georgias of the world start pontificating about Central Florida’s weak schedule, my first question will be: “When’s the last time you offered to play Central Florida?” I mean, I’m sure Central Florida would love to have a big pay day by visiting Tuscaloosa as much as Fresno State and Colorado State.

At a bare minimum as long as the Power 5 conference schools refuse to play teams like Central Florida, teams like Central Florida should at least be invited to the party. The College Football Playoff should be expanded to eight teams and the top team outside of the Power 5 conferences — as long as it goes undefeated — should receive one of the automatic berths into the eight-team playoff.

I also predict the ratings for the mega-SEC showdown between Georgia and Alabama which I’m sure ESPN will salivate over and pound us in the heads is happening over the next week will be terrible. I mean who outside of the south really wants to watch this matchup?

It’s too bad because the powers that be and ESPN are doing everything they can to make sure the Butlers in basketball and the Boise States in football don’t happen any more. It seems Gonzaga in basketball is our last hope.

Central Florida, sadly, was never given a chance.

— Charles Whisnand