The Popcorn Stand: Nordstrom would make Mugatu in Zoolander proud |

The Popcorn Stand: Nordstrom would make Mugatu in Zoolander proud

In a silly life imitates art moment, Nordstrom has come out with a line of shoes that would make “Mugatu” in “Zoolander” proud.

I have to admit I don’t take care of my shoes. And I wear my shoes until they’re well past worn out. I mean, they literally could be falling apart and I’ll still wear them.

Who knew if I just saved these well-past worn out shoes, I could make a few hundred bucks selling them at a yard sale instead of just throwing them away.

At least based on what Nordstrom is doing, I should be able to sell some of the pairs of my footwear that loosely resemble shoes for a lot of money.

Nordstrom has been offering a pair of “Superstar Taped Sneakers,” for $530 on its website. The shoes are pre-scuffed up and are held together with tape.

The “upscale” shoes were created by Golden Goose, a brand I’ve never heard of, but apparently an upscale brand. The shoes have “a grungy rubber cupsole” and are described as being “distressed.”

This whole thing reminds me of the movie “Zoolander,” a half decent film that had its moments.

In the film, the dim witted model “Zoolander” was being fooled by the fashion designer “Mugatu” to model his new “derelicte” line in a effort to take over the world or something or other.

Of course the “derelicte” line was going to be the latest in shabby chic in which all the rich people would want to dress like the homeless. (Do they still use the term shabby chic)?

Anyway I agree with most people who have been quite critical of Nordstrom’s effort to be shabby chic.

To use another phrase from the past, what Nordstrom has done isn’t a really big “shoe.” Look it up Millennials.

— Charles Whisnand