The Popcorn Stand: Not in my man cave, if I had one |

The Popcorn Stand: Not in my man cave, if I had one

I’ve never been one to have a man cave because — well it’s just too much work to create a man cave. My man cave would sort of be like Hank Hill’s man cave on “King of the Hill,” when he just sits in a chair staring at the walls listening to “Hello Walls.”

Hank was perfectly content in his “man cave” and I think I would be perfectly content with something like that as well. I understand women now have their she sheds, so I guess we all need to get away to take time for ourselves.

Like Hank Hill, I wouldn’t need much — or anything really — for my man cave let alone a bunch of fancy stuff. There’s actually a $68,000 foosball table that you can now buy for your man cave. Or she shed. Actually if any wife’s husband bought a $68,000 foosball table for his man cave, that wife would probably do more than just get away in a she shed. She would probably just leave for good.

To pay $68,000 for a foosball table makes no sense. I mean if you want to get away why not just pluck $68,000 on a fancy car and drive away as opposed to paying $68,000 for a foosball table.

Actually I wouldn’t pay a dime for any foosball table. Because I hate the game. I’m not any good at it. I have about as much luck controlling those devices as I did when I tried to control those devices on those electric football games when I was a kid.

Now an air hockey table. I wouldn’t spend $68,000 for one, but I could see having one in my man cave. If I ever have a man cave.

— Charles Whisnand