The Popcorn Stand: Oh Christmas Tree (Human) |

The Popcorn Stand: Oh Christmas Tree (Human)

With just 12 days left until Christmas, I assume this is now considered the period of last-minute shopping during the HallowThanksMas season. When I was a kid this was about the time the Christmas season was getting into full gear instead of winding down.

But fret not if you’ve waited until the “last minute” to do your Christmas shopping, there’s still plenty of weird Christmas gifts out there you can buy. Among the most intriguing on this list I saw was a costume in which you can dress up as a Christmas tree. At first I thought this was pretty stupid but then I realized you can start the HallowThanksMas season off in style by dressing as a Christmas tree on Halloween.

There’s also the pillowhat which I can’t quite figure out. Is it supposed to be a fashion statement that you wear in public or is it a device that helps prevent the pillow from slipping out from under your head while you sleep, or both?

The worst weird Christmas gift idea I saw was the Rudolph mankini. Enough said.

There’s also an upside down Christmas tree which is actually supposed to be better for displaying ornaments.

I’m a person who really doesn’t care for big pockets, so the shirt with the huge pocket wouldn’t be for me. But it’s a novel idea that reminded me of that commercial in which Charles Barkley wears his hoodie backward so he can store all of his chips.

For the person who has everything, but you still want to get that person an expensive, useless gift, there’s the gold gnome that costs more than $300.

The most practical gift I saw was the grill cleaning robot, although apparently it’s extremely noisy.

Hey, at least these gifts aren’t a fruitcake.

For the list of weird Christmas gifts visit here:

— Charles Whisnand