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In the you can’t make up this stuff department, I’ve written before one of my favorite shows is “The Middle.” Anyone who watches the show regularly knows Sue Heck tries out for everything — and makes nothing.

But her mother came to the rescue, convincing the middle school to offer a “no cut” cross country team. All Sue had to do was make it around the track five times and she would be on the team. But there was a problem — Sue was hit by a deer. She kept being asked, “You ran into a deer?” in which she keeps replying, “No, I was hit by a deer.”

Sue ends up making the team after going around the track five times — on crutches.

Well, in the life imitates art department it’s actually possible for someone to be hit by a deer as this video shows http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/deer-decked-truck_us_58ec7571e4b0df7e2044b7e7?section=us_weird-news. Cary McCook, a Canadian rapper, was actually hit by a deer. And since it happened on April Fool’s Day, nobody believed him at first.

Of course, McCook could write a rap song about his experience. “I got hit by a deer, it wasn’t in the rear, I’m getting a lot of jeers, now I need a beer” (OK, I’m not much of a rap artist).

Since McCook was getting out of a pickup truck and it happened at night, the headlights on the pickup truck were still on, so the headline could have been: “Man caught by deer in headlights.”

And looking at the video, McCook did indeed look like a deer caught in the headlights.

OK, when it comes to this rapper being hit by a deer, I’m done with this story, so that’s a “rap.”

— Charles Whisnand