The Popcorn Stand: One dog has his day |

The Popcorn Stand: One dog has his day

You know how much I love cute dog stories. The only thing missing from this adorable escapade was broadcaster Kevin Harlan calling this dash in the same way he made that memorable call when a fan ran onto the field during a Monday night football game between the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams last season (

Still watching this beagle avoid players, officials and fans for seven minutes during a British soccer match was absolutely hilarious ( I should add the only other thing missing from this video besides Harlan calling the shenanigans is the theme music from Benny Hill.

It wasn’t surprising really the beagle was able to stay loose for seven minutes since this was a match that involved teams who played several tiers below the Premiere League.

The announcers actually do a pretty good job of narrating what’s going on and apparently it wasn’t much of a match as one of the announcers says about the dog coming onto the field: “Probably the best highlights of the game so far.”

So my guess is the lads were playing to a nil-nil tie, which would have meant the beagle invaded the pitch during a bagel of a match (how’s that for my soccer lingo)? Or if the soccer match was played in a community in which the name of the newspaper was The Beagle, then the story could have featured the latest beagle headline in the Beagle.

Anyway, it’s always fun to watch when another dog has its day.

— Charles Whisnand