The Popcorn Stand: Proud to be from “Strathmore USA” |

The Popcorn Stand: Proud to be from “Strathmore USA”

One final update on “Strathmore USA.” Went down to watch my alma mater, Strathmore High, lose to St. Patrick-St. Vincent 29-28 on a last second field goal in the State Championship Game.

But it took two Saints to beat us. I don’t think St. Patrick alone nor St. Vincent alone could have beaten the Spartans.

Last week I wrote how the Spartan offensive line resembled a bunch of Olympic sprinters firing out in the 100 meters. Most teams look at how small and unimposing the Spartan offensive line is and aren’t intimidated until the start of the game and in short time those teams resemble a punch drunk fighter who has been knocked out asking “wha hopen?”

I thought it was deja vu all over again when this scenario appeared to be happening as the Spartans took a 14-0 lead. But to the Bruins’ credit, they hung in there and eventually overcame the Spartans and that was no easy feat as they were Spartans to the end.

College and professional sports have always been a sordid affair, but they seem to be more sordid than ever and that professional/college mentality seems to be seeping into high school and even levels below more than ever.

But seeing two small schools that aren’t football factories who have multi-million dollar facilities (yes, that’s a shot at Bishop Gorman) battle for a state title was refreshing. No 84-8 state title games here. (Yes, another shot at Bishop Gorman).

What I saw Saturday night in my opinion was the perfect balance between keeping sports competitive and pure at the same time.

That’s why I’m proud to say I’m from “Strathmore USA.”

— Charles Whisnand