The Popcorn Stand: Sandler’s popularity hits low and high on Netflix |

The Popcorn Stand: Sandler’s popularity hits low and high on Netflix

In my latest rant about entertainers we love to hate, apparently now Adam Sandler has reached that category right up there with Nickelback and Nicholas Cage. Wait a minute, do we actually still love or hate Cage? I don’t know. Sandler also seems to be in that quasi-love-hate area as I don’t seem to hear much good about him any more. In something else I don’t know much about, Sandler’s career has fallen so much he now doesn’t make movies that are released in theaters anymore, but apparently makes movies that go straight to Netflix.

But here’s the rub. Netflix subscribers have spent 500 million collective hours watching Adam Sandler movies. Now that just may mean Netflix subscribers watch a lot of bad TV just like the rest of us, but still 500 million hours is an astounding number.

So no wonder, Netflix, which signed a four-movie deal with Sandler, has expanded that deal by another four movies. I won’t state the reason why Sandler claims he signed with Netflix (it’s stupid and silly) and I’m sure the fact Sandler was no longer wanted by the movie studios had nothing to do with it.

I did actually like Sandler in “The Waterboy.” Actually, I thought Sandler was generally OK in “The Waterboy.” That assistant coach on the other hand who spoke gibberish was absolutely hilarious.

Now if Netflix could have Sandler and Nicholas Cage star in a movie today and have Nickelback do the music for the film, then I’m sure it would have something.

— Charles Whisnand