The Popcorn Stand: Santa can handle the milk and cookies |

The Popcorn Stand: Santa can handle the milk and cookies

I had a great time reading through the Letters to Santa that appeared in Wednesday’s Appeal. I have to admit as an old fuddy, duddy, I still think in my day things were more difficult (but better), but kids today are a lot more creative than I ever was.

I never thought to have my father leave Santa a whiskey. It was always milk and cookies. But to think of it, whiskey makes a lot more sense on a cold night than milk and cookies. Or at least hot chocolate.

And really, milk and cookies doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I mean Santa has to be loaded down by all those milk and cookies he eats while making all his rounds.

And it’s not like he’s got a lot of time. It’s got to take at least a minute or two to eat those cookies and drink that milk at each house and that’s if Santa eats fast. That can’t be good for his digestion or his stomach. It can’t be good or efficient to eat and run. I guess Santa carries plenty of Pepto-Bismol.

No I’m sure when Santa comes by Daniel’s house late Christmas eve/early Christmas morning, he’ll appreciate the whiskey that has been left. One quick swig to keep him warm on a cold night. Of course, one whiskey should be the limit for Santa while he makes his rounds.

There were other good questions from out letter writers such as does Santa have an invisible security camera to keep track of which kids have been good.

I was also impressed with the overall selflessness of the kids who wrote letters, expressing their concern for others before themselves.

So to the kids who wrote letters to Santa which appeared in the Appeal, I can tell you Santa has seen them, was very impressed, and is really looking forward to arriving in the Carson City area late Christmas eve/early Christmas morning.

And he said it’s still OK to leave milk and cookies. He can handle it.

— Charles Whisnand