The Popcorn Stand: Small Doritos are better than none |

The Popcorn Stand: Small Doritos are better than none

Those of who choose to read this Popcorn Stand know how much I love Doritos and Cheetos. At least Pepsi has come up with a good idea for Doritos although the way their idea is being marketed has already gotten mixed reviews from a lot of people as I write this column.

I have to admit when I first heard about this I thought it may have been a headline from The Onion. But as it turns out Pepsi is planning to offer smaller packages of Doritos for women. The idea has already come under fire from a lot of people but there also are a lot of women who are also expressing their support for a kinder, gentler Doritos if you will.

You see the new Doritos Pepsi is planning to offer are less crunchy and less messy. It seems munching loudly on Doritos while having to lick your fingers in public isn’t considered too lady-like. The new Doritos are also apparently going to come in smaller packages so women can stick them in their purse.

I’m not going to have any problem eating Doritos for women especially when I’m watching television as I kind of like the idea of not trying to strain to hear the television over the crunching of the chips while getting orange stains all over the remote. And as John McKay once said about his team’s execution, when it comes to possibly having a similar version of Cheetos, “I’m all for it.”

And the idea of allowing women the ability to stash a small bag of Doritos in their purse I think is a good one as well. I think Pepsi has unintentionally (or may intentionally, I don’t know) come up with a “politcally correct” way for children to eat Doritos.

I can imagine mothers — and fathers for that matter — reaching for the smaller package of Doritos to appease their children and feeling a little less guilty about it because the package is smaller.

You may disagree with the way the new kinder, gentler Doritos are being marketed but as far as I’m concerned any Doritos are better than none.

— Charles Whisnand