The Popcorn Stand: Test record gotta be a record |

The Popcorn Stand: Test record gotta be a record

I have to admit this kid is awesome. I didn’t even know the iGeneration or Generation Z or whatever they’re called had any idea what a record player was, but this one student in Washington evidently found out what it was and came up with an ingenious way to use one.

Even though the student found a way to get around the use of today’s modern technology, we still needed modern technology to be informed on just how ingenious this kid was.

Hudson Bay High School in Vancouver, Wash., like most any high school, has its basic no-cellphones rules. But while taking a midterm a student brought in a vinyl record player to get around the rule.

That student reminded me of one student I dealt with while helping out in a class as a substitute teacher. The student asked the teacher in charge if it was OK to have a bottle of water in class and the teacher said sure. The student then produced this huge jug of water out of his backpack, which led the teacher to say he would have to clarify the SIZE of the water bottle that’s allowed in the class from then on.

In the case of the student in Washington the student used the record player to listen to music while taking a physics exam. Eric Saueracker, the student’s teacher, tweeted photos of the student listening to the record player with headphones while taking the test.

My guess is somehow this student stumbled onto this record player in his garage and said something like: “This looks like some kind of device in which I can play music on. This is great. I can use this to listen to music while I take a test.”

And those who chose to read this Popcorn Stand know my fascination with weird Guinness Book of World Records so what this student did has to be the world record for Longest Period of Time Listening to a Vinyl Record Player while taking a test.

Ironically the student was listening to Kanye’s album College Dropout while taking the test. But Saueracker said the student aced the exam.

Thomas Edison would be proud.

— Charles Whisnand