The Popcorn Stand: The Bots have it |

The Popcorn Stand: The Bots have it

In my latest take that this is not the end of civilization, I just found out about the coolest thing ever: Sumo wrestling battle bots. They’re awesome.

These battle bots simulate a Sumo wrestling match in a mini-Sumo wrestling ring and their matches last about as long as a Sumo wrestling match lasts — a few seconds. And much like the real Sumo wrestling matches, the robots are required to meet certain size and weight restrictions, although various strategies and designs are allowed. There was one robot with flaps in this video that was absolutely amazing.

I remember the show Battle Bots that appeared on Comedy Central more than 15 years ago. At that time I was the Nevada Appeal sports editor and we actually had enough room for an entire agate page in the sports section and even had a full-time and part-time agate editor to put the page together.

The part-time agate editor was leaving and it was a tradition on his last night the agate editor was allowed to place anything he wanted on the agate page. The part-time agate editor who was leaving placed battle bot results on the agate page.

That day when I came into work I remember then-editor Barry Smith coming out of his office to ask me “what’s this battle bots agate?” although Barry took it all in stride.

Anyway, Sumo wrestling and battle bots to me is the greatest combination since peanut butter and jelly.

— Charles Whisnand