The Popcorn Stand: The goofball is out on the field |

The Popcorn Stand: The goofball is out on the field

As a San Francisco 49ers fan, yes I was pleased my team beat the Los Angeles Rams 28-0 Monday night. And I was especially pleased the 49ers beat the LOS ANGELES Rams.

And it actually didn’t bother me too much Chris Berman called the game for ESPN. Except for when he referred to Levi’s Stadium as “The Big Bell-Bottom,” which was really annoying. (OK, there’s my cheap shot at Berman and ESPN).

If I could figure out how to eliminate the few second delay between the radio and television, I just would have listened to Kevin Harlan, an excellent play-by-play man, who does the radio broadcasts of Monday Night Football for Westwood One. He’s a versatile announcer who works for CBS and TNT as well.

Since I didn’t listen to Harlan, it wasn’t until Tuesday that I heard one of the greatest calls of all-time. Right up there with “Do you believe in Miracles? Yes” and “The Band is out on the field!” is Harlan’s call of “Some goofball in a hat” is on the field.

Early in the fourth quarter, “some goofball” as Harlan called him ran onto the field. Harlan’s call of the bare chested fellow is an all-time classic (

Harlan’s call is absolutely hilarious and spot on, matter-of-fact (“the guy is drunk”), but in a tongue-in-cheek way not to be taken too seriously.

As much as I hate ESPN and the ESPYs, I’m hoping Harlan receives an ESPY for greatest call of the year.

-Charles Whisnand