The Popcorn Stand: The great mayochup debate |

The Popcorn Stand: The great mayochup debate

We Americans know what’s really important because after all this is the kind of stuff we deal with in our lives. So what’s the latest issue that’s really got everybody going? Whether or not when we go to the grocery store we should be able to buy mayochup?

That’s right to quote Yogi Berra “only in America” can a company like Heinz come up with the idea to combine mayonaise and ketchup and sell it as mayochup. Because ketchaise or mayoketch doesn’t sound as catchy or is it “ketchy” or is it catsup or catchup.

Anyway, I’m here to allow you to catch up on the great ketchup-mayonaise controversy. At least I don’t think it can be called a catch 22. I’ve got a million of them folks.

Mayochup seems to be a pretty good idea to me since the mayonaise-ketchup combination has become pretty popular on burgers. It seems a lot of restaurants these days have their “specialty” sauce concoctions which taste eerily similar to mayonaise and ketchup.

There are a lot of ways at looking at this but my guess is Heinz has done the research and found there are a lot of parents with kids who like the mayo-ketchup combos on their burgers so it would be a lot more convenient to have the concoction in one bottle instead of two.

But the debate is already raging with of course those saying the concoction already exists. It’s called thousand island. Or McDonald’s special sauce.

And I haven’t even got started with mustard, yet? Must-up anybody? Or would it be ketch-ard?

— Charles Whisnand