The Popcorn Stand: The OFD says in my day… |

The Popcorn Stand: The OFD says in my day…

The OFD (old, fuddy duddy) is going off on another rant about how things were so much tougher (and better) in my day. When I was younger I promised myself I would never use the phrase “in my day” when I got older, but let’s just say some promises are meant to be broken.

I do watch my share of TV and because I’m stuck in like 1997 when it comes to technology, I watch the commercials as well. The GEICO commercial with the NFL official over explaining his order at a restaurant is absolutely hilarious while the Sonic guys continue to annoy me.

But I digress. The commercial I actually wanted to cover and really annoys me is the Little Caesars commercial when the dad brings the pizza to his son and his son asks something or other if it’s the $6 pizza from Little Caesars and the sweaty and nervous dad has to admit it’s not.

“In my day,” no matter what there was to eat, if I complained about it in any way — well let’s just say I normally ate what was provided for me. I’ve noticed these commercials more and more on television where the kids are basically the parents and the parents are basically the kids.

The one that really irked me a while ago was the mom struggling to carry all the groceries and had to try to bribe her son with Doritos to help with the groceries.

When my mom returned from grocery shopping and told me “the groceries are in the car” — let’s just say that was an imperative statement and not a declarative one.

OK, I’m done with my little rant. It’s about lunch time. I feel like pizza. Little Caesars has that $6 deal, right?

— Charles Whisnand