The Popcorn Stand: Thirsting for latest trendy terms |

The Popcorn Stand: Thirsting for latest trendy terms

As I’ve written before the Old Fuddy Duddy prides himself in keeping track of what’s hip, fleek, tight, sick or happening, so I’m trying to catch up on the latest trendy lingo on the interwebs.

And it turns out the word fleek is apparently already being replaced by snatched or slaying. If you’re looking really good, your snatched or slaying it, apparently. I guess fleek was so February, 2018.

Those who chose to read this Popcorn Stand know I generally don’t like acronyms. Even worse to me are abbreviated words. Not abbreviations, but the fact we’ve become so lazy in this society we can’t even say or write the full word anymore. OK is now K.

And now we apparently can’t even say suspect, the latest catchy thing to say now is just “sus,” referring to something we think is, well, suspect.

And apparently the word “boots” has replaced the word really. So instead of saying you’re really tired, you say you’re tired boots. But if somebody tells you they’re thirsty boots, don’t offer to share some tea with them, because what you’re actually doing is offering to share gossip.

We also don’t tell people they’re trying too hard anymore we tell them they’re extra. Maybe I’m extra when it comes to trying to understand all this stuff.

Back to the acronyms I really don’t like the latest one is OTP, which means “one true pair.” Now when you say OTP, you’re not referring to that couple being so true, you’re referring to the fact it’s YOUR OTP, a couple you’re really interested in following.

Does that make you a Stan or mean you’re Stanning, which is another term for an obsessed fan.

This is all sus to me. K.

— Charles Whisnand