The Popcorn Stand: This is sooooo Canadian |

The Popcorn Stand: This is sooooo Canadian

You know how us Americans have this stereotype about Canadians, that they’re so nice and laid back and nothing really gets to them. Well, this is about as Canadian as it gets.

The headline “Man finds bomb, then gets bombed” doesn’t quite fit but it’s close since this Canadian fellow decided to go get beer — after finding a bomb.

An Ontario man, Danny Vello, found a live WWI-era artillery shell in a neighbor’s trash. And yes the shell was a pretty big deal, literally and figuratively.

Well, maybe not so much to Vello, who did do his civic duty and called the police.

So what did Vello do after he called the police. He went to the store to get some beer.

Then again, as Vello said, what was he supposed to do, stand there and wait? With a live bomb? So he decided he might as well make a beer run.

Oh and Vello had a doctor’s appointment because he had a cracked shoulder blade and wanted to get it looked at. Again, he figured since he was going to miss his doctor’s appointment, he might as well make a beer run.

Eventually the bomb was taken away and was blown up.

It’s still a mystery as to how a bomb that’s about 100 years old made it to Canada or why his neighbors apparently had the bomb in the first place or why they decided to just put it out with the trash.

I mean what did they say, “take out the bomb and the trash?”

So what’s this American’s reaction to all this: Oh Canada!

— Charles Whisnand